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The new Yellow BTS line in Eastern Bangkok is an opportunity for smart investors

Smart Investors Will Look to Bangkok’s Yellow BTS Line For Opportunities

New BTS lines have led to rapid growth in Bangkok Over the last decade property prices have continued to rise along the now operating Yellow BTS Line located in the eastern regions of Bangkok. As many know all too well, condo prices surge before and after the inaugural run of a new BTS line. The closer the property is to a BTS line, the more attractive it is to buyers. The new Yellow BTS Line, that had...

Proposed Changes To Thailand's Property Laws

99-Year Leases Would Create More Certainty for Foreign Business Owners in Thailand

Proposed changes to property laws At a recent cabinet meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Phumtham Wechayachai proposed the implementation of a previously presented resolution that aims to boost the Thai economy through the loosening of property laws. The two major changes that may be reviewed as a part of the proposal include: Extending the duration of leases from 30 years to a maximum of 99...

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