Legal Due Diligence

Thailand’s legal system can be complex for both Thai nationals and foreigners. We help you navigate the legal issues that come with leases and other contracts. We also help you to uncover any ownership and building legal issues so you can make the best decision.

Business Setup

Establishing a business in Thailand can be a simple process, but in many cases it often becomes more complicated. We provide you with the expertise to make this process smooth and headache-free. Company setup, business visas, and more.

Building Inspection

When you are leasing a building for your business any maintenance will be your responsibility. Unforeseen and high maintenance costs undercut your revenue and makes running your business more difficult. We help you avoid costly scenarios with a comprehensive building inspection that identifies current and future building issues.


Advertising is important for businesses to reach customers, increase sales, and differentiate themselves from competitors. We help you design your brand, merchandise, and overall marketing strategy.

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