Smart Investors Will Look to Bangkok’s Yellow BTS Line For Opportunities

The new Yellow BTS line in Eastern Bangkok is an opportunity for smart investors

New BTS lines have led to rapid growth in Bangkok

Over the last decade property prices have continued to rise along the now operating Yellow BTS Line located in the eastern regions of Bangkok. As many know all too well, condo prices surge before and after the inaugural run of a new BTS line. The closer the property is to a BTS line, the more attractive it is to buyers. The new Yellow BTS Line, that had its first run in June of 2023 and continues to add stations this year, represents a slightly different opportunity. The eastern neighborhoods of Bangkok to include Suan Luang, Prawet, and Lat Phrao to name a few, is substantially less developed than areas where the BTS has expanded to in prior iterations. When the Sukhumvit line opened in 1999, the path of the BTS was already dotted with large commercial and residential developments. Such developments are much fewer in number along the Yellow BTS Line as the economic demographics of the area have not been able to support larger investments and purchases. Now that the area is connected to Greater Bangkok, this will have a number of positive impacts for the area and its residents. First, the residents of this area will have time and cost efficient transportation to the heart of Bangkok, where they will find higher paying jobs and more economic opportunity. Second, middle class Thais and other professionals working in the heart of Bangkok will be able to reside in Eastern Bangkok without having to fight the harrowing traffic to get to and from work. These two factors alone now make the area ripe for investors and developers. The Nation Thailand further confirms this assertion as developers are primed to build at least 19,000 condo units over the next decade, which is likely to further increase property prices by 50%.

Thailand business set to boom in the sparsely developed region of Eastern Bangkok

Thailand business operators will capitalize on the opportunity

The surge in property developments that is linked to the increase economic footprint of the area represents an opportunity for savvy business operators and investors. Those who have a long term vision can capitalize on the growth that will sprout up around the Yellow BTS Line. An example of this opportunity is a gym that is currently for sale near one of the newly minted stations – about a 10 minute walk or 2 minute motorbike ride away. This gym is perfectly positioned to capitalize on increased traffic from planned condo developments. Unfortunately for the current owners, the size and capacity of the gym is a few years ahead of its time. However, while the gym is slightly profitable now, new ownership would benefit from a gym that is tailor made to handle the increased demand that will be generated by both new residents and economic growth of current residents.

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